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What is not provided.

We are real people with real connections to the land, nature, and reality, and hope to share this type of free-range experience with you.

If you are looking for a game park experience, with genetically modified heads, please look to other outfitters with that type of product. There are some good ones in NZ, but hey can charge up to 5 x the price, but I hear the Shandys, cigars and backslapping are truly delightful.  

We deal in genuine experiences, no compromise.


Trophy heads cannot be whistled up on demand. Thats just not real life free range hunting. But we have seen them grace the area, and if you are lucky enough to secure one, we will assist you in finding a way to have it mounted if that is what you want. A discussion and options will be offered to you at the time in the field and everything related to your trophy mount will be negotiated with your selected taxidermist. They will advise you in all matters regarding your trophy including, export documentation, crating and shipping of trophies, taxes and levies on exporting of trophies if you are from distant lands.

Beverages around camp.

We have clear policy around alcohol and firearms but back at camp once the guns are secure, a few drops of your favorite tipple will be left to you. You know what you like, so bring it along and hopefully you can have a few quiets and reminise on your experience over some camps site hospitality.

Flights/transfer costs.

We do not include costs for flights or transport to our sites. We have found there are so many variables in people's itinerary that this is best left to you to manage. But please, ask if you want us to sort your logistics for you, and we will do our best to get you the best deals to have you arrive at ours in great shape, ready to hunt.

Firearm Rental

We suggest you bring your own firearm and ammunition where possible. What better way to ensure success than to be shooting with a rifle you are familiar with. But we have a range of rifles to suit our hunting conditions that we can hire if required. Please enquire if this suits your purpose.

Let's Work Together

We aim to communicate clearly and listen to your needs so you can plan and arrive with us fully informed with no hidden cost.

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